Intelligence Quotient “THE BRAIN BRAKER” Kanno Nawoki

The first game of Rawmy.Tokyo Presents Game Application
Intelligence Quotient “THE BRAIN BRAKER” Kanno Nawoki

Release 2018/3/22

Not required unnecessary! 9x9x9 !!! 729 blocks !!!
Total number of problems in combination 1283 Nasuke et al !!!KannoNawoki!!!

(We use a special algorithm to make sure that hidden blocks are guessed.
In the case of 3 × 3 × 3 block in LEVEL 3, we are doing a question from 939 questions. )

Then answer with counting some blocks !!!
That’s it !!!

This is a level 5 issue!

Without being bored with normal or time attack,
Feel the brain breaker!
Whether you are on a meal or on commuting, you should know Kanonaki.

In normal mode you can count for a long time without worrying about time.
I do not know that the number is large · · · No!


But that’s it.

【Paid version】
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Google Play で手に入れよう