Balloon NEKO Avoid the iron balls,collect cat cans

The first game of Rawmy.Tokyo Presents Game Application
Balloon NEKO Avoid the iron balls,collect cat cans

Release 2018/6/24

*** This is a free game ***
Collect the cat cans (Cat’s Food) avoiding the iron balls and try name entry to the world record ranking (1st to 99th).

*** How to play this game ***

Please avoid flying iron balls so that NEKO (player) does not fall by tapping the screen in a timely manner, please continue flying.
The results of the ranking will be improved if you take in all the cat cans (Cat’s Food) coming from time to time.

Tripmeter … The distance that has continued to fly
Cat’s Food … Number of cat cans * If the distances are the same, the ranking will increase with the number of acquisitions.

*** About the start screen ***

[NEKO Dream?]
Start. You can play the game (?) In the dream of NEKO (player).

[World Recode]
You can browse the world record from 1st place to 99th place. (You can scroll with the screen swipe.)

*** World Record Ranking! ***
On the result screen, enter a name (up to 16 alphanumeric characters) and apply for score ranking registration with the [Entry!] tap.
When you are in the world record ranking (1st to 99th), you can browse at any time by [World Recode] tap.
(Caution) To check the score using the network, please check the communication status of the smartphone before playing.

Balloon Cat Can Food
Balloon NEKO (player). Avoid the iron balls, collect cat cans, world record rankings!
When you tap on the screen, NEKO (player) will climb and slowly descend as it is. Please collect cats (Cat’s Food) so as not to hit an iron ball.

【Free Game】
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