Stack up! Balanced Tower (Pile up! DECO BOCO)

Release 2019/8/13

Stack physics pieces. How many can I stack? (With world record ranking function)

[This is a free game]
Stack up many pieces and make a name entry in the world record ranking (1st to 99th).

[How to play this game]
When you start the game, the pieces will come out, so drag and drop them and stack them on the lower pallet.
If you drop any piece off the screen, the game is over.

[Balancing game tips]
Let’s pile up carefully as it starts to swing from the 10th stage.
You can fine-tune the tilt by pushing indirectly with a drag-and-drop piece.

[About the title screen]
[Start Game]
Starts the stacking game.

[World Recode]
You can view world records 1st to 99th. (You can scroll by swiping the screen.)

Top of the world ranking

[World Record Ranking!]
Enter the name (up to 16 alphanumeric characters) on the result screen, and apply for score ranking registration by tapping [Entry!].

If you are in the world record ranking (1st to 99th), you can view it at any time with the [World Recode] tap.

* Because the score is registered using the network, please check the communication status of the smartphone before playing.

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